The Rise of the Real Estate Investor

Hey guys and girls. It’s Trevor from Carrot, and I have a video that’s going to walk you as an agent or an investor through what we call the hybrid real estate strategy . Now, you’ve probably seen a lot of things happen in the market over the past South Korea Phone Number two or three years. Around 2017 here at Carrot, we were starting to talk about the hybrid strategy that would become increasingly popular, where a home seller works with someone who is both an agent and an investor. Now, many of you watching this might just be an agent serving people through MLS and working primarily with sellers who are driven to retail and get the best price. And maybe a lot of you are looking at this, who are wholesalers or sellers of homes.

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We hear this all the time and I’m going to tell you why you really need to seriously consider getting your real estate license or partnering with one of the millions of real estate agents across the country to help you serve more of your sellers. I want to dig into that now: YES, there are huge side benefits to going forward with a hybrid real estate strategy as an investor and agent or agent and investor. But the main reason to go hybrid isn’t just to put money in your pocket. There is a huge upside to this as I am going to walk you through exactly how to do it.

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The main reason for doing this is actually to better serve your sellers, because you can imagine that if a seller reaches out to someone, they want to sell their house. If I were to survey 100 home sellers, 99 and a half of them would say they would much rather sell their home quickly for cash, not have to wait for a buyer to find financing, not have to organizing open houses, not having to show a group of people by their house for a fair price that they accept in a few days or a few weeks. 99 out of 100 would say they would much rather do that than list it on the market and everything that goes through that process.

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