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Then check out some practical examples below for inspiration. Example 1 objective: double your lead generation by the end of the year. Key results: produce 5 new e-books by the end of the quarter; boost social media posts by mentioning 50 links to landing pages per month; collect 5000 new email addresses to send newsletters. Example 2 objective: increase the company’s presence in the online environment by 50% in the next 3 months. Key results: make 4 posts per week on facebook and instagram; produce 25 monthly articles for the company’s blog.

Establish partnerships Investors Email Address with 3 digital influencers. Produce 20 relevant content for the company’s youtube channel; invest x amount in google ads. Example 3 objective: make the company recognized as an authority in the market in which it operates. Reaching 80% of mentions as “authority in the market”. In a survey to be carried out at the end of the year with selected clients and prospects. Key results: conduct 4 online and face-to-face seminars with experts; collect and publish testimonials from 25 clients on the company’s website; produce rich content for the blog of 20 other partner companies. Example 4 objective: to be a reference in customer relationships.

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Reaching a customer satisfaction rate of 98% by the end of the semester. Key results: adopt an omnichannel service strategy by the end of the semester; send marketing e-mails on all commemorative dates this semester; offer special conditions and prices to older customers on a weekly basis; 100% train salespeople for quality after-sales. Example 5 objective: improve domain authority on the company blog by 25 points by the end of the year. Key results: increase the addition of internal and external links to 5 and 3.

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Respectively; make your company website and blog more mobile responsive in 60 days; review and use correct keywords in the description of images from the last 150 posts; add new infographics to 45 of the most recent posts. Well. As you can see in these 5 marketing okr examples. This objective management methodology is quite simple and helps put everyone involved on the same page. And if you want some tips on how to achieve goals in your company. Check out the infographic we prepared for you: now that you know more about the okr method.

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How about using it in your company’s marketing team? But remember that the key marketing objectives and results must be aligned with the strategic objectives of the company. When defining marketing objectives and key results. You should align this with sales as well. After all. These two areas of the company work side by side. Download our free e-book and see how to do it in a practical and objective way: how to define and align sales goals with the company’s strategic planning was created in 2009 by brian acton and jan koum.

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