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Below we’ve outlined some key strategic considerations for your Black Friday marketing campaign to make sure you’re taking everything into consideration as you prepare for this year’s event. Keep seasonal landing pages active throughout the year Let’s start with a basic but oft-overlooked consideration – staying on the same page for Black Friday events throughout the year to improve long-term Finland Phone Number performance. If you’re discounting for Black Friday, then you must focus on creating seasonal landing pages that will attract search results pages long-term. John Lewis keeps Black Friday pages year-round These pages will give you greater visibility in organic searches for related searches each year, and we recommend that you keep an active landing page throughout the year. There’s no good reason to close the Black Friday page after your sale is over.

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Instead, de-prioritize it in your navigation hierarchy and simply add a hold message to the page ready for next year. Remember that any link building to a Black.  Friday landing page will only pass authority as long as the page is still there. If the page is taken down, any valuable links you manag to generate through. PR or natural sources will be lost. John Lewis and other major Finland Phone Number haven’t overlook the power of these pages. You’ll often find them used to Sign up for the newsletter is encourag. Encouraging sign up for discount product updates. The ability to pre-order exclusive items Overview of the biggest discounts for events over the years. Don’t forget, this seasonal content should live permanently.

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Implement user experience best practices During a sale. Customers want to be able to find great deals without searching your site extensively. They are likely to shop among your competitors. Many are press for time, and are accustome to expecting a hassle-free user experience. This means your discounted merchandise and category landing pages should prioritize high-traffic areas of your Finland Phone Number means your. Black Friday deals should take center stage on your homepage and key category landing pages across your site. You’ll notice that many of the larger retailers will be taking home these discounts and replacing. Their homepages with banners to direct traffic to specific categories for Black Friday. Let’s face it, there really isn’t a retailer bigger or with more data on user behavior than Amazon.

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