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My colleague Susan Hallam MBE recently blogged about personal branding and how to manage it . Here, my goal is to build on that with the help of some industry experts and professionals, to determine why it matters and how to do it right. First, what is a personal brand? Talked to my colleague Susan for a while, and she describes personal branding as: “Personal branding is the process of Honduras Phone Number and manipulating the way you present yourself to others. A strong personal brand will give you more credibility, recognition and prestige, and will give you higher perceived value.” “It’s a very worthy task, and taking the time to build a brand that reflects your values ​​and goals will help you achieve your professional and personal ambitions.” Are you happy with what you see on Google? Let’s think back to that famous quote from Jeff Bezos.

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When you’re not in the room, what people say about you is your brand.” As the business world continues to shift to a digital-first mindset, Google is fast becoming a space for Amazon owners to talk about. So, what is Google Honduras Phone Number looking at? It looks at the articles you’ve published, putting together the topics you’ve been involved in (good and bad), and what you’ve posted on social media channels. Louise Vaughan , co-founder and managing director of Definition , a UK-based firm specializing in corporate and personal reputation management, analysed this and said: “When you Google yourself, what results? How do they reflect you? In short, your personal brand?“Is the information you share on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media sites consistent?

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What about what your employees share  are they promoting. The work you do on behalf of clients or are they just retweeting the meme of the day? These are all Different aspects of. Your brand that you need to look at before you go in.” Stay away from the mainstream. Reach the right audience using the right channel But personal branding isn’t just about posting regularly on Honduras Phone Number LinkedIn. All the social media tools mentioned have huge audiences, yes, but are you talking to the right audience? The answer is impossible without spending money behind your post. A lot of personal branding also revolves around getting into the media, providing thought. Leadership and insight into your industry that others don’t.

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