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Obviously, this is useful to ensure that any URL parameters are prevented from being crawled by search engines, but you first need to ensure that any other areas of your site use parameters in their URL structure. To do this, I recommend that you crawl your entire site with a tool like Screaming Frog’s SEO spider, export your site’s URL list into a spreadsheet, and search the spreadsheet for any Egypt Phone Number that contain a question mark ( ?). A common thing to note here is the use of URL parameters to provide different language variants of the page, which is a bad idea in itself. If this is the case, you don’t want to prevent search engines from crawling these variants via robots.txt. Instead, you need to consider implementing a workable URL structure to target multiple countries.

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I recommend adding the above command to your site’s robots.txt file. The image below shows the Halfords robots.txt file when we first looked at the question. No URL parameters are block at this time. No problematic parameter pages are bloc No problematic parameter pages are bloc If we look at the current file for this site, it shows that some parameters are block. The current robots.txt file shows Egypt Phone Number some parameter URLs are block The current robots txt file shows that some parameter URLs are block in conclusion Using faceted navigation has proven useful for consumers looking for a specific product within your site, but you nee to make sure that any URLs generated by applying filters don’t hinder the performance of your original category pages in organic search results.

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While I’ve detailed the three most common fixes for URL parameters. Each website platform is slightly different, so you should take the time to evaluate each. Case on a case-by-case basis before starting to implement any Egypt Phone Number I’ve described pass. Meta Titles – HTML tags used to define the title of each page of a website . Search engines sometimes use this information in search results to inform visitors about the content of a page. N Negative line of code found in the header section of a web page or in the linked HTML code. It instructs search engines not to follow all or specific links on a page. Nofollow links are less attractive when it comes to link building because. They have no impact on ranking in search engines.

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