The Missing Piece to Your Direct Mail

We come to you with part 4 of our 4-part series on direct mail for real estate. In the final two episodes of this series, we sat down with Yellow Letter HQ’s Todd Swaggers to get his thoughts on direct mail for real estate, what you should send Hungary Phone Number and when. We talked about lists and how to target your ideal customers. Today we meet Christina Krause from Postal Impact and Virtual Lead Managers. She has been with us at Carrot Camp and at our Market Leader Summit. I’m super excited for this episode as we sit down and dive deeper into tracking, training, metrics, and all the incredibly strategic things Christina does for her clients.

Direct Mail Series

At Carrot, we will always advocate for a well-balanced marketing mix. Your PPC, direct mail, and social campaigns are just pieces of a bigger puzzle. When done correctly, each part of your marketing mix will amplify each other. Your offline marketing Hungary Phone Number supporting your offline marketing and vice versa. That’s why we’re so excited about this series covering direct mail for real estate. To close the series, having Christina was a perfect choice. Its data-driven lead generation has helped real estate investors across the country get more leads and close more deals.

Sending to the Right People

Hungary Phone Number List
Hungary Phone Number List

Although her business is not a mail house, she oversees the campaign from start to finish. They’ll generate leads, oversee sends, and most importantly, track data through the sales pipeline. Sending to the right people Hungary Phone Number For her clients, Christina often launches a direct mail campaign that is 90% postcards and 10% letters . According to the data, letters have a higher response rate but will cost more to send. As such, letters are reserved for the most important prospects. Finding the most valuable leads will require you to get the right lists, study the data, and track it all!

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