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Today we’ve separated the best secrets on how to do that. Check out! 1- separate your personal profile from the professional have separate professional profiles for your company’s sectors. Such as marketing. Sales or maintenance. When you separate and distribute numbers to all these professionals. They are able to better control the contacts made. 2- align your social strategies your company probably works with other social media. Such as instagram. Linkedin. Facebook. Blogs. Among others. And you possibly already have a pre-established marketing and communication plan considering these points of contact with your customer.

Right? So. Try to add Partners Email Address status to these strategies. Following a similar line of content that does not clash with your current corporate identity. Otherwise this tool will not bring the expected results for your company. Learn more: social selling: what it is and how to implement it in your sales strategy 3- invite your customers this is the first step to getting things working. You need to disclose a phone number for your customers to add it to their contact list on mobile and then also on whatsapp. Use your company’s other social media for this or make a qr code available and invite customers to add your contact.

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Sending a newsletter publicizing the news can be a great idea. Remember to make clear the sector that will be responsible for that contact and say. In a newsletter for example. Which situations can be resolved there. Make separate posts if you have more than one contact. 4- join interest groups of your target audience if you want to know how to do whatsapp marketing. Get inspired by content marketing: be relevant to your customers! Avoid advertising products and services. Be recognized with a reference in the solution that your company offers to the market and not with that person who sells such product or service.

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Join groups where talking about your company is relevant. For example: if you sell products to construction companies. It makes sense to participate in a group that discusses engineering solutions and give your opinion. Disseminate materials and links to your company’s content there. Be subtle and present content. Not propaganda! For this. Whatsapp provides a series of resources. Such as broadcast lists. Information about your company made available automatically. Catalog.

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Tools that you need to master to know the best way to prospect new customers and retain the ones you already have. . 5- videos does your company have presentation videos. Product and service demonstrations or customer testimonials? No? As soon as you find an opportunity to ship to a customer. Do it quickly. This is a very effective form of identification: people like people. So giving your company faces is awesome. To use whatsapp as a marketing tool. You need to be agile. As it is an instant messaging medium.

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