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Haarlem Cafe In the office, small daily interactions with colleagues are often taken for granted. Having a cup of coffee together or asking if anyone watched last night’s Bake Off episode almost seems like a luxury now because we Hong Kong Phone Number being isolated in our own homes. To get around this, Hallam runs a daily virtual “cafe” where you can have lunch with people you might not necessarily interact with because of work. It keeps the company’s connections and culture alive and helps newcomers get to know everyone. This virtual connection also permeates the use of “common rooms”: a constant video call where team members can come and go throughout the day for certain companies while working.

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Often just knowing someone is there can make work seem less isolating; something that’s especially important for people who live alone. virtual cafe 3. Strong benefit plan As a company, we pride ourselves on taking care of the mental Hong Kong Phone Number of everyone on our team. This is more important to everyone now than ever, but can also be a useful way to make it easier to get starte during a pandemic. Knowing that support is there can mean fewer things to worry about as you try to master your new role and adjust to life in lockdown like everyone else. Hallam has a mental health program to help people when they need it: Four mental health first responders that anyone can go to Coach Buddy System meditation class get professional treatment.

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Good Friday Continuing what normally happens in the office while working remotely. A great way to maintain a sense of normalcy and help maintain the social aspect of your work life. Haarlem usually celebrates good things happening at the office every month, as well as birthdays and anniversaries. It may be a virtual version, but it fosters good. Teamwork and brings the entire company together in a positive way. Celebrate remotely 5. Professional guidance team Starting remotely means you have to discover your mentoring team faster than you can in person. To get help, you have to browse emails and Slack messages. Which can lead to talking to a range of people to find the right one. Much more complicated than walking to someone’s desk! It is important to find out who your mentor is at the beginning. In my experience this is very clear before you start.

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