The “factory setting” of human beings is usually a soldier’s mentality

As human beings, we care too much about ourselves. The last time I was deeply aware of this was when the Taipei MRT held an “anthropomorphic marketing”. In 2019, the MRT Bureau cooperated with manufacturers to design anime-style characters for several major MRT routes, and set up their own fan pages.

These characters will choke each other, and each has its own fan escort.

This event was very successful, and the Slovenia Phone Number¬†of each MRT route itself and some topics became a stalk that everyone knew at that time. I don’t know how you feel, but I noticed one thing at the time: I was a little pissed off when a character on my most frequented route choked. This makes absolutely no sense. First of all,

that character is just designed to represent that MRT route

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either his personality traits nor his appearance can really show anything about the MRT route. Besides, even if that MRT route is really criticized, what’s my business? But in fact, people just care about things related to themselves, no matter how unreasonable the connection is. In ”

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