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You should still keep in mind that while it’s a more focused form of broad match, it’s still a broad match type, so you’ll still often see the potential cost of irrelevant searches and irrelevant clicks. Advantages of BMM Helps discover keywords better than broad match Naturally filters out more irrelevant terms, resulting in better CTR than broad match Still the second highest search volume of all Cambodia Phone Number types Disadvantages of BMM can also bring in irrelevant traffic still can be expensive Non-conversion-focused keyword match types Phrase match Phrase match matches your keyword to a specified specific search phrase or a close variant of that phrase, it may include words that come before or after it, as long as they don’t change the meaning of the phrase.

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To create a phrase match keyword, you need to use quotation marks around the keyword. For example, “boxing gloves” will show your ad for searches like “men’s boxing gloves,” “red boxing gloves,” or “buy boxing gloves online,” but not for “men’s. Boxing shoes,” “boxing bags,” or “what Searches like “boxing gloves” show your ad for “boxers wear”. The biggest benefit of using phrase match is that it offers more flexibility than exact match, but more restrictions than broad match and BMM keyword match types. Phrase match is a conversion-focused Cambodia Phone Number type, but with additional keyword and audience discovery elements. You can run phrase match keywords and find a search term that is performing very well, but that search term isn’t specifically target in your campaign, but that search term doesn’t match the traffic you’re targeting that generates. That traffic in your campaign Keywords are a million miles apart first place.

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It’s most likely a close variant of that phrase and you’ll see better CTR (click-through rate) or better conversion rates. When to use phrase match? Phrase match is a must for eliminating irrelevant traffic when you want to drive. Conversions but still set aside your ad budget for broader, relevant traffic, or when word order matters. If the order of words in a keyword changes the meaning of Cambodia Phone Number phrase indispensable. For example “Lake District Tour” instead of “District Lake Tour”. Advantages of Phrase Match Ranking irrelevant traffic based on word order is essential. Conversion Focused Match Type Helps eliminate the risky and sometimes costly traffic that broad match types often attract. Disadvantages of Phrase Match Doesn’t completely eliminate all irrelevant traffic

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