The Best Direct Mail Lists and Strategies

Welcome to part 3 of our 4-part series on direct mail for real estate. In the latest episode, we caught up with Todd Swagger of Yellow Letter HQ and talked about how to get started with direct mail for real estate, no matter what budget you’re Israel Phone Number working with. We discussed what you should send, how often, and what should be on your mail. Today we sit down with Todd again to dive into lists and strategies for finding your ideal clients. We’ll share with you direct mail strategies you’ve never heard of before. Ready? Let’s do this! You might be wondering why we’re doing a whole series on direct mail when we’re web guys at heart.

Mailing Lists

The first thing you’ll need to do when starting your mailing list campaign is figure out who you need to send emails to. As we mentioned in the last episode, when you’re just starting out, knowing where to look can seem like a challenge. Your sales skills can suck and instead of seeing things through, many investors end up giving up. Knowing who to mail to is a progression that can take a bit of time. You can start driving for money and then branch out into niche listings. A few niche lists to focus on include evictions, probate, interfamily transfers, divorce, and tax delinquent landlords. People in these situations are more likely to want to sell their home. List Source and Prop Stream are two excellent data sources. Many investors will hire someone on Fiver or Upwork to do data scraping on their behalf.

Follow Up

Israel Phone Number List
Israel Phone Number List

They should look for a full name as well as the property address and mailing address. You will often find contact information missing when extracting data, but don’t let that frustrate you. Companies like Melissa Data can help you add the correct information to your mailing list. Compiling this data, along with niche listings acquired over time, can provide you with an email list with an incredibly high response rate. On the other hand, a large portion of your competitors may choose the easier route. Many investors find it easier to send a broad mailing to a geographic area as opposed to niche listings. It may be more economical initially, but your response rate will be much lower.

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