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Different social media platforms offer different types of ad formats, and while they may all look the same, they differ quite a bit. Some of the most popular ad formats on LinkedIn include Sponsored Content, Direct Sponsored Content, and Sponsored InMail, but are they the right ad formats for your business? There are a few things you need to know when using different LinkedIn ad formats, including how and when to use them. To make it simple, we reduced it: Sponsored Content – ​​Appear in the LinkedIn feed alongside content curated by users. May also be referred to as “promoted posts.

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When should you use sponsored content? Sponsored content should be used primarily to generate more engagement with customers or prospecting customers. They can also help increase your page’s followers. Sponsored InMail – Used to send personalized messages to targeted recipients. Content can be tailored to each audience and features a Saudi Arabia Number Data responsive design. When should you use Sponsored InMail? Sponsored InMail should be used to generate B2B leads or drive downloads to white papers, e-books, and other types of content. Text Ads – Ads can be seen on the side rail or inline of the platform. They are easy to create and payment is only required per click or impression.

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When should you use text ads? Text ads are great for driving traffic to your website or a specific landing page. Widely used to attract applicants. How LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms Work LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are a little different, allowing CW Leads businesses to easily integrate forms into their existing marketing campaigns. Essentially, they allow businesses to get more information without decreasing the total number of conversions. Like all LinkedIn advertising options, businesses can still target professionals using LinkedIn Gen Forms. Once you’ve created your advertising content or selected the content you want to sponsor.

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