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There is no better example of e-commerce than Amazon! Of course, there are many elements to a good user experience, from navigation to product images. The checkout experience to page load spee many elements. Must be review to have the greatest impact on conversion rates and ultimately sales. Some of the simpler changes related to discounts include highlighting the discount by Georgia Phone Number the styling to include the full price crossed out and showing the exact percentage that will be saved. These things sound simple, but these subtle cues can motivate shoppers who aren’t sure to keep buying. Test if your site can handle a traffic surge While it might sound impractical to have enough traffic to crash your website, many brands are drawn to this due to poor hosting capacity planning.

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There are many reliable web hosting providers that offer autosaving solutions to ensure. You only pay for the space you need so be sure to check with your. Hosting provider to check if you are cover and test your website stability ahead of time . Invest early to build awareness Data from previous years shows that buyers who made their first purchase from a retailer on Black Friday weekend made Georgia Phone Number first online visit 41 days earlier (on average), regardless of browsing environment. This means that you should already try to increase the visibility of your offer before looking to drive product consideration and eventual conversions. Now, you should focus on building an audience list of potential customers, ready to offer them offers when your sales are unleash.

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There are tons of networks you can use when raising awareness of net new customers. Which may include Google display ads, paid social media posts, Gmail/email ads, video ads. Keep in mind that while investing cash in these networks will not Magically make your event a success . Always start with the customer , crafting appropriate product promotions and choosing targeting options Georgia Phone Number on customer behavior, the apps they use, and how they prefer to receive marketing messages. Visible when people want to buy It’s obviously important to focus on building visibility. When people are actively searching, which is often where search (and shopping) ads are use. This year is tough to pin down, but the 2019 data still gives us some insight into. The dates users typically start searching for Black Friday-specific discounts.

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