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Does my content bring something new? Something different? An added value compared to what is already circulating on the internet? Why should i read this publication? Even more important questions if the message originates from a marketing department. Today. Users don’t just want to be passive recipients of an advertising phrase. The message has to engage the audience. Respond to their problems. Provide an experience.

In this article we will introduce you VP Maintenance Email Lists to what is called crystal ball marketing or predictive marketing. Witchcraft? Mystic? None of that! We are talking about using data analytics to understand. And even anticipate. Consumer behavior in your technology company. Attractive? It’s because it is! It is a recurring theme to talk about the advantages that digital marketing offers when analyzing the results and enabling improvements in your company’s strategy. What if. In addition. It was also possible to predict consumer behavior? We are not talking about any kind of trick.

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But about predictive marketing. In a world where data is one of the biggest assets in the market. Knowing how to use it in an intelligent way becomes essential. In order to create more sensible solutions. The application of predictive marketing allows you to predict trends in the behavior of your visitor/consumer. Thus ensuring more accurate actions with better results. What is predictive marketing? The term may still be unknown. But there are already many companies taking advantage of investing in it. Seeing their conversions increase by up to 22.66% . But.

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If you still don’t know for sure what its definition is. Let’s explain. Predictive marketing relies on big data to accurately and correctly develop future consumer behaviors. In short. It is working with algorithms and other machine learning techniques to predict marketing actions that will be carried out. And why is it so important? Maybe you’re thinking that this is another one of those trends in the marketing world that disappears later. Just as quickly as it appears. We can assure you not! As we said. Predictive marketing gives your team the ability to accurately predict future behavior trends.

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At all times. People are interacting and. Consequently. Generating important data for your business. Their interests. Preferences. The products they are looking for and the solutions they need. End up forming a profile of purchase behavior. Big companies already know this. According to the predictive intelligence benchmark report . Over 36 months. With the support of predictive analytics. The companies analyzed saw that the recommendations presented had a 26.34% rate of influence on total orders . In addition. There was an increase from 11.47% to 34.71% in this influence at the end of the 36 months..

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