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These are just three examples of the backlash online when they dealt with the initial blockade. However, for every negative story like this, there are individuals, businesses and brands that are being praised for doing good things. Here are just a few examples: We all know the great work Marcus Rashford has done on FareShare as part of the End Child Poverty campaign. Spotify has launched the COVID-19 Music Relief , a fundraiser to support musicians struggling with disruptions to their revenue streams. Netflix launched Party , which lets people virtually binge-watch movies and boxes together. A number of businesses including Dyson , New Balance and Jaguar Land Rover have pivoted their business models to support the NHS.

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More organisations across the UK have launched mental health programmes to support colleagues, clients and their communities during Mental Health Awareness Week at the end of May. You don’t have to completely change your business model or launch a new campaign to stay ahead. Doing the simple things right consistently is equally effective and helps when dealing with customer Philippines Phone Number and communications, only to end with one result – customers leave with a positive view of you and your business. The current situation is tough enough. Don’t make it harder for yourself and your business by letting your customers down. New Balance has produced more than 1 million universal masks for the healthcare community.

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Your business may be on lockdown, but that doesn’t mean it (or your) voice needs to People buy people. It’s a clich√©, but it’s never going to change – even with how important. Numbers have become in our daily lives and interactions. For local independent businesses, this is a critical time to ensure your voice is still heard. Take me as an example. There is a local men’s clothing store that I go to often. The owners are very personable, engaging, relevant and likable. His store shouldn’t be successful because of its location, but because of the quality of his products and the people behind it, his business has been successful. But it’s a lot harder to achieve when you can’t open the door due to lockdown restrictions.

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