Such as Education Level, Job Title, Relationship Situation, Etc. But as a First Place I’ll Take a Look, I Like Tabs

Such as Education Level, Job Title, Relationship Situation, Etc. But as a First Place I’ll Take a Look, I Like Tabs . Clicking on It Will Bring Up a Window Similar to the Following. Image19 the Page Likes Tab Has Two Sections: Top Categories and Page Likes. I’m Most Interested in Page Likes . Here You Can Find Facebook Pages That Are Highly Relevant to Your Target Audience. A Really Easy-to-understand Indicator is Affinity . The Affinity Column Shows How Likely a Viewer is to Prefer a Particular Page Compared to All Other Facebook Users. Therefore, in This Example, People Within the Targeting


Options I Have Chosen Are 1,408 Times

More Likely to Prefer the Rugby Lebanon Phone Number Onslaught Page Than Regular Facebook Users. That’s a Lot! The Business Starts With Advertising on the Three or Four Page Like Options Above. That Way, You Can Quickly Find Out Which One Works Best. Create a Short List Now and Move on to the Next Step. References: Facebook Marketing Beginner’s Guide Easy Way to Set Up a High Conversion Facebook Retargeting Campaign What Facebook Algorithm Updates Mean for Brands and How to Take Advantage of Shifts How to Get Your First 1,000 Facebook Fans Without Paid Ads [podcast] Step 2: Create a Facebook Video Advertising Campaign Once You Have Established Some True Fan Candidates You Want to Target on Facebook, Create a Facebook Advertising Campaign. You Should Start by Promoting Just One Video to Your Target Audience.

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Choose What You Think is the Best

Video, and We Will Use Others Later. We Won’t Cover Creating Facebook Advertising Campaigns Here. If You Are New to the Process, You Can Check Out This Very Detailed Guide . However, There Are Some Very Important Things I Need to Mention in Order to Get the Most Out of Our True Fan Acquisition Efforts. A) Select Appropriate Campaign Goals It’s Very Important to Choose the Right Facebook Advertising Campaign Goals for the Campaign You ‘re Creating . It’s Best to Use Brand Awareness Goals in This Strategy . Image15 When You Select a Brand Awareness Goal, Facebook Will Display Your Ad in Front of the People (Within Your Selected Targeting Options) Who Are Most Likely to

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