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What social networks does my company have to be on? What are the best social networks for my company? Do I have to be in all of them? only the most important? How to know? Many small businesses have these questions, which determine that they do not know which social networks to be present on. For a company there are no better and worse social networks, but there are better and worse social networks for my company. Therein lies the key. Not all networks work for all small businesses. Do you want to distinguish which social networks to be on for your company without fear of being wrong?

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For small businesses: how to choose social networks for my company The social networks most used by companies are the big ones, the general ones: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for example. But, for a small business, which in many cases does not have the time for social networks , or who takes them professionally, what social networks to choose? Criterion 1: According to your objectives When singapore phone number list  choosing which social networks to have for my small business, you have to first consider what your Social Media goals are . What do you want to achieve with social networks? Do the social networks you choose help you achieve those goals you have as a small business?

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Good Channel for Branding Purposes Is Instagram

While YouTube is more for brand positioning. You understand? Criterion 2: Target Audience In social networks we have many types of public, but not all of them suit us, because they are not ours. Choose which social networks your company is on based on what kind of people you target. Do you know who your target audience is? Determine your buyer persona and go for it on social networks as a business strategy. Criterion 3: Competence Another essential criterion to know in which social networks to be my company is to see where the competition is located. It gives you an idea of ​​whether your professional sector is in that social network. If they all are, and target audiences similar to yours, that’s a good indicator that maybe you could be. Criterion 4: have content Social networks do not feed themselves.

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