Social Network Analysis How to Do an Analysis of a Social Network?

The analysis of social networks is called in the Digital Marketing sector as Social Media Audit . But, how to do an analysis of a specific network? How to do a social media analysis? Managing social networks is not only publishing content on them. We have to look at and regularly do more things. For example, a good social media analysis helps define a good social media strategy . When you have a social media proposal for a client, one of the things that they are going to look at is precisely this: how you will analyze the social networks of their company. Thus, we are going to do the network analysis online, and it will be reflected in a professional Social Media Audit.

Which Helps to Position the Brand at a Given Moment

As a panoramic view of the business up to that moment. What is a social media analysis: the social media audit Analyzing social networks is the information gathered with the monitoring and analytics of the social networks of the business in question, the environment and its most direct competition . An audit spain phone number in social networks takes into account 3 basic points: 1- Analysis of the social networks themselves Almost all brands have had a presence on social networks for years, which does not mean that it is a good presence. Thanks to our audit on social networks, we can see the journey that the brand has made up to the moment in which we do that analysis.

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Analysis of the Environment Also

The environment in social networks of a brand is changing. A good SWOT study and analysis helps us position the brand on the game board on which it moves. 3- Analysis of the competition Every brand that positions itself online has competition. A lot or a little, there is always something to compare the brand to. The analysis of a social network not only takes into account the brand itself: the other brands also count in the future of the first. An analysis of the competition’s social networks helps us gauge the weight of the monitored brand in the sector. How to do an analysis of a social network? What to consider in a social media audit


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