Social Media Channels See the Highest Lead Generation

Social media for real estate agents has become an integral part of the marketing strategy. The 21st century has brought its share of surprises — including all the self-driving cars and monkeys playing pong with their minds (thanks, Musk) — including USA Phone Number how real estate agents find clients and grow their businesses. Just a few decades ago, business cards and direct mail were all the rage. That was about all an agent could do to find clients. The internet has changed that. And social media, in particular, has created a huge opportunity for real estate agents to build trust, display their expertise, and find clients…all from the comfort of their couch.

Use Social Media

Maybe you’ve seen other real estate agents use social media successfully…or maybe you just came up with the idea without any sort of prompting. Either way, however you came up with the idea of ​​using social media to find clients, it’s a good idea. And you don’t have to take our word for it. Additionally, 82% of real estate agents said that in 2021 they will focus on improving their social media presence to grow their business… Done right, social media marketing (both organic and paid) can be an extremely effective strategy for growing your real estate business. You can increase your brand awareness, showcase your expertise and years of experience, build genuine relationships, and most importantly, find clients.

How Often to Post

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Now let’s talk about which platform you should use. Which social media platform is best for real estate agents? The bad news is that there are literally hundreds of social media platforms out there. The good news is that the vast majority – for our purposes, all but four – are outdated. Most of them have too few users to be worth your time. And we can even eliminate many platforms that have millions of users because they are not very localized – Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. And what we’re really looking for are social media platforms where people expect to connect with other people in their same city . Because as a real estate agent, close relationships will obviously be the most valuable relationships. So we narrowed it down to three platforms.

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