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An internal email from Jia Yue ting caused an uproar. It seemed to be a sincere reflection, but it ended up with a lot of downfalls. The Chinese media and the people, too, often have respect for the opportunistic and successful people. For example, an English teacher can buy Apple as a mobile phone, or he can subvert the industry through fan fever operations. Narratively, there is nothing inherent in Tian Ji’s horse racing arrows or burning Chibi. The difference  seems to be that if they can speculate successfully, so can I. Therefore, they Namibia Mobile Number are often reluctant to break this layer of screen, but if they encounter entrepreneurs who are open and close, everyone will have a grudge, thinking that such a thing “I can’t do it or even think about it, so they are also liars” is actually a very typical The low-spirited mentality. Of course, this is not the first time such a thing has happened.

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It is very similar to back then. Back then, burned money for logistics and was hacked. Li Guoqing alone predicted the collapse of  more than once. At that time, I supported During the last round of financing of , everyone said, how Namibia Mobile Number long can survive. I wrote an article “The Final Battle of Undying “. Liu Quandong was very happy when he saw it. I also wrote an internal email, saying that this article is well written, we are not actually burning money, we are doing value investment in the future. Later, “Entrepreneur” made a cover article for Jingdong called “Why Jindong Won’t Die”.

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Namibia Phone Number List
Namibia Phone Number List

Now is very similar to that time, I just wanted to write a piece on “Why Leshi Won’t Die”. It is worth mentioning that and LeTV have just reached a strategic cooperation, which has achieved interoperability at the member level and integration at the business level. I wonder if it is fate or coincidence? I actually have a very simple view. Either it is unprofessional or has bad intentions. This kind of blind analogy is very harmful to enterprises. After all, most readers will not think that the author does not understand anything, but will think that this may be the case under a lot of seemingly professional tables.

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