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Now he has developed an AI to create first-party data profiles from search, surfing and buying behavior. From 2017, a cookie tool was added that was developed in collaboration with VIA (formerly IAB) and is fully GDPR-proof. These products form the basis for a lot of availability of live first-party data. Also read: Increase your reach with Spotify Advertising: 8 tips AI capabilities Quantcast founder Konrad Feldman is one of the founders of the AI ​​that detects fraud in financial transactions. A solution that has now been adopted by just about the entire banking world.

Products You Should Think

The market share is still many times smaller than Google, but that seems to be the only difference and will remain for the short term.Two developments stand out: Bing Advertising Introduces Display With Bing  Advertising. Microsoft has a major interest in acquiring a share in its own auction system. In this way, they can combine the data acquired from users’ browsers. Email products USA WhatsApp Number List and msn into an AI model and serve ads. That they are making considerable progress is apparent from the acquisition of Xandr (formerly Appnexus, a provider of advertising space through an auction, or an SSP). And from the acquisition of Nuance, a leading AI company.It’s no coincidence that the Bing Ads platform now also offers similar display campaigns to Google Ads.

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This gives you as a publisher the opportunity to identify your users. And you can create audience segments to sell ad space with increased relevance to advertisers. In 2009, Quantcast in the US started a solution that uses this data for advertising purposes.This development does mean that in addition to Google Ads, you should also start using Bing Ads for a strong performance proposition. Fortunately, the setup is practical to copy and paste. Breaking the Googleblack box In addition to Microsoft, there is another player that is growing fast, Quantcast. This is now the number 4 data processor in the world. After Google, Facebook and the defense of the United States. The giant started in 2006 as a partner for publishers in measuring and understanding visitor behavior: Quantcast Measure.

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