Should IT Companies Invest In Marketing

Many ceos, especially those of small and medium enterprises (smes). Have some difficulty in justifying why they should invest in marketing. Whether in a marketing department in their it company. Or hiring the services of a marketing agency. For them, marketing is a cost that is difficult to explain and whose return is relatively abstract. Since, in their view. It is almost immeasurable. For these ceos, hiring a marketing agency is a bit like going to a psychologist. They say it’s necessary when something isn’t right. But no one realizes its advantages.

When faced with Accounting Directors Email Lists marketing budgets. It is not uncommon to find those who think that. With the same budget, they could put two or three more salespeople to “knock on doors”. Attracting customers is no longer what it used to be. Welcome to the age of attraction the truth is that today we live in an era in which customers. Whether companies or end consumers. Are no longer easily influenced and have greater knowledge of the market. Offer, competition and even prices.

Much More Than Entering

It is the age of information and attraction, in which the traditional salesman’s ‘smart’ has given way to relevant content and in which influence has been replaced by authority. The marketing department of an it company or the marketing agency of that company has the necessary tools and know-how to attract potential customers to the various contact channels available. More than ineffective, “cold calls” (telephone contacts for potential customers) are today considered intrusive and invasive and can even have the opposite effect of what your sales department wants.

Accounting Directors Email Lists

Sales are now made based on the power of attraction that your it company may or may not exert on the target . When a customer – end consumer or company – needs a product or service, they will look for them where it is most convenient for them, namely on digital channels: on google, on social networks or in the newsletters they receive by email. It is no longer enough to insist and “two feet in the face” to close an it sale in b2b companies with products or services that involve many resources, or people, where the decision process does not depend only on an individual and do not imply a delivery to each customer, what we call complex sales occurs, as is the case of technologies of information.

A Client’s Home Or Office

This scenario is familiar to you, correct? Here we have an inbound marketing ebook for complex sales where we show how opportunities appear when we put the inbound marketing methodology – an authentic marketing of results. Trying to ‘push’ products or services is an outdated technique that can have adverse effects. Nobody schedules a meeting because of the pretty face of a salesperson, it is necessary that the potential customer recognizes 2 advantages in the product or service they want to sell: added value and credibility. For many, price is also an important variable.

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