Sell Before Posting On Social Media

The good news is that accessing these benefits is much simpler than you might think. The first (and most important) step is to create an editorial calendar where you plan your publications. Images. Descriptions. The expected publication date. The person responsible for the publication and the appropriate channels. So that you stop wandering around on social media.

We have created a social Compliance Directors Email Lists media calendar in excel that you can download now! See how to use it and read some tips to get the most out of social media as a b2b tech company. How to use the social media calendar establish the channels we’ve worked with technology companies long enough to know that the social networks they should bet on are. At the very least. Linkedin. Facebook and twitter. Hence these 3 columns are predefined in the template. However. You can add columns to the spreadsheet with other channels like instagram or medium.

The Interaction Of Posts

Set a frequency we have already seen the importance of establishing a regularity in the posts. Which should not be too frequent or dispersed. You’ll probably only be able to find the right balance for your audience after a lot of practice. We suggest an intensive strategy. Start with a higher frequency (> 4 weeks on facebook/linkedin and > 5 times a day on twitter) to capture the attention of followers. Take the opportunity to promote publications and increase the reach of publications. Then. Analyze the results to see what type of content works best.

Compliance Directors Email Lists

When you notice that you are losing as many or more followers than you are gaining. It’s time to slow down and focus on the content with the best success rate (but without repeating the same themes). Set a time like frequency. Schedules should also be tested. Many social media posting scheduling tools do this analysis for you. So when choosing your app. Choose one that provides you with these (and more!) valuable insights . Establish the themes everything we’ve mentioned so far is subjective. That is. You shouldn’t search “when is the best time to publish” and expect the answers to suit you.

By 150% So Much So That

For example. It all depends on your audience. But if there’s one thing that’s universal across networks. It’s the recommended approach style. When planning topics. Think about your audience’s interests first and your business interests second. This is an example of how a topic of general interest can make sense in an it company’s social media strategy. Technological carto has partnered with a women’s health initiative in kenya. The results and challenges were then presented at a digital conference to its b2b customers. A hybrid between a case study and a social responsibility theme.

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