Retail Marketing Strategy by Leandro Borges

Prime LIGHT Within the world of marketing, there is a big difference between service companies and retailers. The first sells an experience, something intangible, a promise. The second sells a physical product, something that can be secure, has texture, has weight, is concrete. Without delving too deeply into each of the characteristics of each one, retail typically involves a greater concern with a constant marketing and sales process, which always brings new customers to the point of sale, without killing margins, which are usually quite low. Therefore, in this post I will list some marketing strategies for retail, but that also involve the sales area, separating the content between: how to attract customers and how to generate more value from customers.

Retail Marketing Strategies How to Attract Customers

In a nutshell, to attract your first customers and start a continuous movement, you must follow all or at least a good part of the items below: 1) Invest in Appearance: The decision to enter a store/restaurant is something that happens, in most cases, on impulse. In rare cases, most retail businesses resell products or, even in the case of those that produce their own, the differentiation is imperceptible to the phone number indian  customer who does not yet know him. Prime LIGHT That’s why it’s important to give him visual clues that your company has attributes that generate trust and desire. At this point, nothing is more important than investing and always continuing to invest in having a beautiful, current visual identity that communicates the business values ​​well.

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Being Retail, a Store That People Enter Every Day

this will also involve keeping the space clean, tidy, smelling good. Of course, the same goes for the team! Being healthy, tidy and happy will directly influence people’s desire to enter, meet and consume! 2) Local Ads: You may have the most tidy store in the world. But not all your customers will walk past it. That’s why it’s always nice, especially at the beginning, but also whenever possible, to advertise locally. Usually this is done via flyers, billboards and, depending on the location, even radio! Local Partnerships: Another very useful idea.  When you are entering a new point is to look for local partners with complementary.  Businesses that have been established for a longer time and can refer new customers to your business!

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