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In 2019, our members generated over 400,000+ leads to their Carrot websites. Not to mention phone calls or text messages. Many of these Latvia Phone Number leads have turned into offers – offers that help you, our members, achieve personal and financial freedom and save time in life for the things that matter most. We are therefore extremely excited to work with you in 2020 and help you achieve your goals. Here’s our guide to what to expect in 2020 , crush your lead generation, and how to beat your fiercest competitors. But first, check out our annual planning call.

Expect From the Real Estate

Most forecasts we can find for the 2020 market expect mortgage rates to stay where they are or even drop a little lower. They are currently at around 3.75%, but we could see that number drop to 3.6% or 3.5%. Prices will Latvia Phone Number continue to rise — Scarcity of inventory and strong demand will keep housing prices up. Daryl Fair weather, chief economist for real estate brokerage Redfin, says, “Right now we’re not seeing a ton of new listings. Without more announcements coming to market. There will be more competition from the start of 2020 and this will lead to increased pressure on prices.

Consider Collaborating

Latvia Phone Number List
Latvia Phone Number List

Inventory will be scarce – There are many reasons why inventory is scarce. But one big and simple reason is that people stay in one place longer than before. According to data from Redfin, the average homeowner stays in their home for 13 years, up from just eight years in 2010. And in some cities, occupancy times Latvia Phone Number can reach 23 years. The industry will continue to advance technologically – Over the past decade we have seen investors and real estate agents scrambling to bring their businesses online. Now everyone is online and the industry is increasingly digitized. 2020 could see companies like Zillow release and/or develop automated solutions for home buyers and sellers.

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