Pumpkin Farmer Changed My View of Life

Everything in my life from the outside looked amazing. My friends, family and colleagues in the industry thought I was the example of “success”. I had 3 separate businesses, the best family in the world, amazing business partners in 2 of my Tunisia Phone Number businesses, great clients, and I felt like I could do anything I wanted. The only problem was… I was overwhelm and unhappy. In this blog post, I’ll tell you how I fell into the “too many great opportunities” trap , how it nearly shattered my business and life dreams, and how the advice of a pumpkin grower changed my outlook on business and life. . Why am I opening and writing this now? First of all, I originally wrote this post a year ago…and a lot has happened since.

Long Hours

I always had a backlog of “to-do’s” and always seemed to put off important “to-do’s” until the next day for weeks and months. I would come to the end of the day and feel totally overwhelmed because I was really “busy”…but I looked back on the day and still felt like I couldn’t quite identify in what important project I had really advanced. measurably that day. Vision …most of the time I really could articulate what I want in life and what impact I felt I was meant to have on the world…because I was torn making too specific a vision that would alienate.

Pumpkin Is Grown

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Tunisia Phone Number List

Some of the “important” projects and ventures I had already spent my time in. But it didn’t align with what I knew I loved doing in my heart. And worst of all, I felt like the more I took, the more I had to do in my business and in my life… the better off I was. In this life, being “busy” was a good thing and when people asked me how I was, my default response was always… “Really busy as always!” …almost like it’s a badge of honor to be “busy”. I reached a breaking point and things had to change. So here’s what I did… I couldn’t do things like that anymore. Maybe you can understand.

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