Professional Web Design? Stick To These 8 Essential Principles

It is of course great if your website is beautiful. But just as important are the principles on which the design of your website is based. How is the overall experience and ease of use? And can visitors quickly find what they are looking for? In this article, I’ll share 8 essential basics for professional web design.

Let’s start at the beginning. With every website you create, it is important to keep the following principles for website design in mind as a basis:

  • Layout & branding
    This leads visitors to the content they want to see and ensures the right thread through the website.
  • User experience
    Is it a pleasant experience for visitors to navigate on the website?
  • Ease
    of use A user should never get lost on a website because he/she has to think.

Below you will find some tips on how to apply the above in any website. Whether it is custom programmed or whether it is composed with a theme and plugins does not matter. The basics remain the same.

Short And Clear Menu At the Top Of The Website

Keep the number of menu items at the top to a minimum so that everything is easy to find. The naming of these items is crucial, it must be clear and to the point. Display the search bar in a different, bold color. This takes up little space, but does contribute to the user-friendliness of the website.

Your website looks great, but if it loads too slowly, visitors will  drop out. Provide a loading time under two seconds so that the so-called bounce rate (percentage of visitors that land on your site  and leave immediately) does not become too high.

Your website will not only look good on desktop, but just as good on tablet Azerbaijan Mobile Number and smartphone. Therefore, always test the different pages on different devices and with different browsers.

Do you use themes (so-called templates) and standard functionalities (plugins) in the website? Using this is pleasant, but it does not always give you the complete freedom or flexibility you are looking for. Research (including by looking at reviews, sales figures and support options) whether there are (even) better options to make your website look more professional.

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Website Design: Don’t Forget Security

Safety is often underestimated. Do not forget to update the website regularly with the latest software. Make sure backups are maintained (make them yourself or check with your hosting provider if they are kept there), activate login protection and if possible, also real-time protection. With the latter you will receive a warning (by email or text message) if the website shows strange behavior.

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