Preventive Maintenance Worksheets

Maintenance is a big issue for many businesses across Brazil. This topic is so relevant that there are several different applications of the method and there is a lot of theoretical and academic material to help managers. Of course, the concept of maintenance is also closely linked to the concepts of quality management, as this is a process that guarantees the predictability of results and the reduction of unforeseen events. The main quality management standards use the distinction between preventive and corrective maintenance. The name says it all, but just to clarify for those who will be listening for the first time: Preventive Maintenance: It is what you do before a negative event occurs. This typically includes periodic overhauls, cleanings, parts replacement, etc.

This Is the Most Desired Type of Maintenance

Because when done right it makes your processes run normally without surprises and costs out of your control. Corrective Maintenance: This is the famous extinguishing fire. It’s when you address the problem after it has occurred. Although this type of event should be avoided as much as possible, it is also necessary to measure and monitor this type of event, precisely for the creation of preventive philippines phone number maintenance policies that will avoid it in the future. Main Sectors that Apply Preventive Maintenance Over the years, we have had contact with many managers and, although this list does not exhaust all maintenance applications, we have seen that there are areas that are highly sought after by the relevance of vehicles/equipment/machines in the product and service offer of the business.

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Prime  Vehicle Maintenance Generator Maintenance

Industrial Maintenance V1 Industrial with Planning and Schedule.  V2 For each of these sectors, we have a spreadsheet on the website, specially made to help in the registration.  Monitoring and evaluation of maintenance indicators. Therefore, below I will present how each of them was developed and how they can help you. Here are some Preventive Maintenance Worksheets that can help you: 1. Vehicle Maintenance Worksheet A huge number of companies have their own fleet of vehicles. And I’m not talking about logistics companies. Often they are home service providers or companies that simply have their own logistics area as they consider. The best option instead of outsourcing this service. That’s why we’ve created a spreadsheet in which you can Register Drivers.

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