Power Point Slide Master: How to Create, Edit and Use

Prime LIGHT Power Point must be the most used tool for making presentations in the world. Yet we see a huge amount of users who are not familiar with the slide master. This is simply one of the most important features to make a professional power point presentation . If you are in this group of people, rest assured that I will explain everything you need to know below. What is a Power Point Slide Master? The master slide is a standard slide that replicates all of its features for the entire presentation. It stores information such as the background, fonts used, colors, effects (transition and animation), as well as the placement of these items. For example, in the image below from our Power View multipurpose presentation , we have only one item that defaults to all slides and that is the page numbering in the top right.

Take a Look at a Standard Slide We Have

Slide-mestre-power-point-slides-padrao Now see a new slide added: slide-master-power-point-new-slide Prime LIGHT As you can see, whenever I add a new slide to the presentation, it automatically defaults to this item. The coolest thing is that Power Point has an “intelligence” level and the slide count is automatic. In my example the first slide was number 43 and when I added one more it was already phone numbers in russia number 44. As little as it is, this would already avoid the work of doing this counter for the entire ppt. Can you imagine one with 100 slides? It is important to know that each power point presentation has at least one master slide. Master slide structure A priori, its filling is basic and standard, like this: slide-master-power-point-slide-master-default This structure (left sidebar) is made up of two parts.

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The First Slide, Marked with Number 1 in the Image

Below is the master slide The second part consists of the slide layouts associated.  With the slide master (indicated by dashed lines) slide-master-power-point-structure.  By changing any of these layouts you are modifying the slide master itself. Although they have different settings, they are associated with the slide master and have the same default as it. Normally when using Power Point to make a presentation you will not use all of them, just some according to the purpose of each slide. See a single master slide with the “Strips” theme being used and two associated layouts. Note that despite having different organizations, the color scheme is the same.

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