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With such favorable reviews. It is not surprising that 79% of marketers. In general. Consider themselves to be successful with video marketing. At a time when there is a saturation of content on the web. A good video is one of the most impactful marketing tools. Next. We leave the main points to consider to implement a video marketing strategy in your it company. The meteoric rise of internet video in recent years is undeniable. The video is dynamic. Demonstrative and even explanatory. And the information is absorbed more passively than when reading.

One of the last studies that Administration Directors Email Lists proves this preference was done by wyzowl back in 2020. 74% of consumers have already purchased or downloaded software or an application after watching a video. 84% of consumers have already purchased a product or service after watching a video. Users watch an average of 16 hours of online video per week – a 52% increase over the last 2 years . Establish the purpose of a video marketing strategy consider how videos will contribute to your company’s marketing.

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Sales or customer support success. In marketing . Videos are usually short (up to 2 minutes) and serve to introduce new products. Increase brand awareness. Achieve a certain positioning or increase engagement. A hubspot study showed that having videos on landing pages increases conversion by 80% and adding the word “video” to the subject of an email increases the open percentage by 19% . Example when hootsuite . A software for managing social networks.

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Introduced a new dashboard with a video in which its team recreated a popular segment on youtube called “mean tweets” – that is. Reading negative tweets to the camera. In this case. The tweets made fun of the old-fashioned ui of the previous dashboard. In the end. They presented the new dashboard. By mimicking a popular internet video style. Hootsuite has ensured a certain level of virality. Gained notoriety and perhaps won back some of the users it lost thanks to the antiquated ui.

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In sales . Videos are usually used to give more details about a product or service and try to destroy any barriers to purchase that may exist. Especially in b2b. Where it is customary to deal with a chain of decision makers with 5 or 6 actors. Video is the most efficient way of getting the same message to several people and blurring the various doubts that may arise. Example with this video . The zoom videoconferencing application presents. In a good-natured way. Some of the most common difficulties of videoconferencing. Such as bad connections or problems with the audio.

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