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The Instagram Reels algorithm ensures that short videos appear more often on the (explore) feed of users. YouTube Shorts offers many opportunities for channels large and small through short videos and the convenience of quickly interacting with subscribers and users. 5. Social media as a one-stop shop Hosting your own webshop on social media is becoming easier. A nice side effect: the content creation of short videos on these platforms does not require a high budget. This is because you can produce ‘on-the-spot’ content relatively easily and spontaneously. Using each platform has its own advantages: With its audio tool, hashtag challenges, and photo or video filters, TikTok is an effective platform for storytelling and reach. The high user engagement ensures that popular content can spread well.

Hosting Your Own Webs Hop

Now that more and more companies are reaching the (data) limits of. Google and can only scale their marketing there to a limited extent, social commerce is becoming increasingly interesting as a supplement to the Peru WhatsApp Number List digital strategy. Buying a product via Facebook or Instagram is quick, easy and therefore also attractive to consumers.This offers opportunities. Small companies, but also big players such as Zalando and Nike, are already using this application of social commerce . . Moreover, social media offers the quite unique technical possibility to both inspire and encourage the customer to make a purchase, within 1 channel. Image from Instagram Shopping.

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Your Own Webs Hop

By a short video we generally mean a video of about 5 to 60 seconds that is shared on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram (stories and reels) and YouTube (shorts). Why choose short videos? Our shortening span on social media has made longer videos less and less effective. Short videos are therefore a good way to immediately attract attention. Due to the power of repetition, short videos (also known as short form ) are rewatched more often than longer videos and therefore often stick better. Videos have become indispensable on social media platforms. Especially short videos are now very popular . But what falls into the “short videos” category?


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