Own Data From Your Own Customers

This distinguishes it from Google, which still focuses a lot on direct interaction and directly chargeable attribution; the last-click model. The AI ​​identifies the most relevant users for your campaign goals. Even if they have never been to your site. Ultimately, Quantcast Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List focuses primarily on influencing and by definition uses a data-driven attribution model. Also known as direct purchasing. However, since 2020 they have been offering a Self Service platform for the Performance Product.

Data From Your Own Customers

This is now the number 4 data processor in the world. There is another player that is growing fast, Quantcast. After Google, Facebook and the defense of the United States. The giant started in 2006 as a partner for Israel WhatsApp Number List publishers in measuring and understanding France WhatsApp Number List visitor behavior: Quantcast Measure. This gives you as a publisher the opportunity to identify your users. And you can create audience segments to sell ad space with increased relevance to advertisers. In 2009, Quantcast in the US started a solution that uses this data for advertising purposes.

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Your Own Customers

But it has been apparent for some time that the private deals and even the guaranteed deals in. This brings me to the next trend that contributes to fragmentation. But it has been apparent for some time that the private deals and even the guaranteed deals in. DSPs do not always work smoothly due to miscommunications between SSP and DSP. Buy impressions To illustrate, I can set up a Private Auction in DoubleClick (DSP) with DPG offering it through Xandr (SSP). In this deal they include the formats, but also the target group and possibly the desired domains. As long as I don’t add anything on my side, the DSP side, everything is fine.

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