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Thus. It will be possible to create excellent presentations. With the ability to express and communicate a specific objective in a clear. Concise. Well-structured and meaningful way for those who listen to us. Having a digital marketing budget that is in agreement with all parties involved is not easy. The same happens when it is necessary to define and justify the relevance of investing in digital marketing. Both cases happen in companies that maintain a short-term vision. Where marketing continues to be seen as a cost. Which must be reduced as much as possible.

Changing this thinking HR Directors Email Lists and demonstrating that the digital marketing area is an investment with a return is the challenge for many of those responsible for marketing. To help you develop a digital marketing budget that captivates your company’s managers. Demonstrating that this is an area that generates results. And that can contribute to its growth and development. We have prepared a step-by-step guide with some tips. Precious. On the other hand. You can use this blog article to learn how to analyze the marketing budget given to you by the executive board.

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There are two differences here. In the 1st option. It is the marketing department itself that defines how much it will spend and how it will do it. Submitting it for approval by the executive board; this option is mostly used when the marketing department is still being implemented in the company. On 2. In the th option. The executive management allocates the budget to marketing and the marketing director. Based on his know-how. Will determine “how” he will apply it.

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In this blog article we are going to focus on the 1st option. Giving a little push to those who are still venturing into creating their first budget. How to set your digital marketing budget 1. Set goals the first step is to know the objectives of the digital marketing area. According to the company’s global strategy. Among these objectives can be. Increasing website traffic. Increasing the number of conversions on landing pages or even increasing the number of sales of a particular product/service. After defining the objectives. You must choose which channels and actions to use to achieve each of them. For example.

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Suppose you aim to increase brand awareness. To this end. You can refresh the corporate website and develop a branding campaign on facebook with sponsored posts. All actions must be quantified using metrics that prove their effectiveness over time. One of the best known and most used is roi (return on investment) . Which allows you to quickly and effectively earn the return on these actions. 2. Create a budget proposal as stated earlier. Each and every action has to be quantified. In other words. You need to decide how much you want to invest and. For that.

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