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LinkedIn gives you the option to add a call to action and a LinkedIn Gen form to your campaign. Here you can decide what information you want to receive from each person who clicks on your advertising campaign. Options include: Contact First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, City, Country, State/Province, Postal/Zip Code, Work Phone Number, Work Email Work Job title, function, seniority Compagnie Company name, company size, industry Education Degree, field of study, university/school, start date, graduation date Demographic.

There Are Several Other Metrics

What opportunities do I have When setting up a paid LinkedIn campaign, it can often seem like your campaign opportunities are endless – and to some extent they are – but you need to think about what will work best for your business. Essentially, you need to give people a reason to take notice of your advertisement. You need to decide on a hook that encourages Singapore Number Data potential customers or customers to click on the ad. This can be achieved by offering: white papers Free Trials Unique advantages Demos Measuring the success of my LinkedIn ad campaign During the webinar we briefly talked about at the start of this blog, AJ and Anna shared helpful information that is often confusing.

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When measuring the success of your LinkedIn campaigns, it’s important to understand the difference between leads and conversions and how the two are calculators. For example, a pixel installed on a thank you page tracks conversions, but a lead generation form tracks leads. Side by side, these two measures are identical. So it’s important to CW Leads combine the two metrics to get an accurate understanding of your campaign’s performance. On top of that, the CPC metric associated with InMail campaigns actually refers to cost per open. Which equates much less to engagement. So when identifying the success of an InMail campaign, don’t be misled by what’s called each metric. Because it may not have had as much of an impact as it did on paper.

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