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It was also important for many stores to switch to online shopping. For consumers, this was one of the few ways to shop. Especially when the first lockdown took place, there was a lot of interest in the search term “online shopping.” The average search interest for online shopping will also remain high in 2021. For the catering industry, takeout was therefore a means of survival. Search interest for the keywords takeaways and deliveries increased worldwide. Takeaway searches were especially popular during holiday periods. For example, the search term “Christmas menu takeaway” was super popular in the Netherlands at the end of 2020. In 2021, the average for these types of search terms will still be higher than in 2019. Google Trends takeaway.

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Another interesting development is the search behavior for discount codes. In the first months of the lockdown, people worldwide went looking for discount codes more often. This may also have been a result of many stores offering a “corona discount” because they could not be fully open or provide the service Portugal WhatsApp Number List they normally provided. This will probably also remain high, because it suits well. Trend 3. Local becomes important There has also been a greater interest in local businesses. During the first lockdown, a lot of attention was paid to actions such as “support local businesses”. But a lasting effect can be seen if we look at the search interest of the search term “near me.” If you can’t or aren’t allowed to go far, for example, you search for the “best burger near me,” a search term that increased by 150% in search interest . Has the citizen given birth?

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The trend of refurbishing houses seems to be slowing down a bit these days. Nevertheless, home will remain important with the future hybrid model of working from home. Online shopping & pickup During the lockdowns, shops and restaurants were closed. People went online looking for a digital alternative. For these types of businesses, there has been an increase of as much as 50% in the number of orders. We see this when we compare data from March and April 2019 with the same months in 2020. Google Trends data also shows how the Dutch often searched for containers during the two lockdowns. Working from home has also led to a digital shift. Meetings very often take place online through programs such as Zoom. In the Netherlands, for example, people have often looked for how to create or organize a zoom meeting. Google Trends meeting. Trend.

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