No One Knows How the Drof Run but the Fox Catches Up

The largest terrestrial bird has another name – Dudek. He lives in the foothills and semi-desert areas of Eurasia and Africa.

In the XIX century, regular hunting was done by feat. Shooting disagreements led to a reduction in casualties. The situation worsened the physical condition of the birds. It does not have a smoke hood which highlights that it protects the feathers from the rain. During the cold and snow, the feathers were full, and the flood could not fly. The unlucky bird became easily defeated.

As a result, by the middle of the 20th century the population had declined by 30%. The dropfer was recognized as an enduement type and included in the red book. Today, these birds are involved in the north of the Eurosian. In Russia, the stock with Zarphs is in the Saratov region.


In birds it is very thick and tough


Men are different from women with red nipples and mustaches. They appear in spring and disappear in early fall. Also, the beloved weighs twice as much. The boy Italy Phone Number grows up to 105 cm and weighs up to 16 kg. Girls – up to 80 cm and 8 kg. The ostrich has strong, thin legs and no core, and the outside is similar to an ostrich.

In extreme heat, the account Prava will not be easy, so they do not have glands that control the temperature of the body. Simply put, the bird falls to the ground and opens the bead.


Due to their large weight


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They prefer to rest on grass, not on trees. It is also during the plains. But the nest is not built, but a small hole in the ground.

These birds become very caring parents. As the predator tastes the chicken, Zarph begins to drown in protest. The enemy believes that the bird was injured and betrayed the child’s mind to the adult.



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