A Lot Smoother Next Year

And as I mentioned, the results are really astonishingly good! Ad impressions have almost doubled, CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) has fallen by about 35%, CTR (click-through rate) has increased by 40% and the cost per landing page impression has almost halved! To avoid comparing apples to oranges, I must add that advertising at the end of the year is of course always more expensive, but the results are still very nice. In addition, I’ve also looked at several other campaigns (with different categories) and I see an upward trend in impressions and clicks everywhere, along with a lower CPM and a lower cost per view landing page.

Lot Smoother Next Year

You can certainly call this an improvement in results. And what if we don’t stick to this? All in all, it seems that tinkering with the Meta road does not necessarily always have negative consequences for the online Slovenia WhatsApp Number List marketing world. Although we sometimes have to get used to the fact that we have to hand over the targeting control. Now I hear you thinking: “What if we just don’t choose such a special category, then we can still create our target groups as usual, right?” Meta has an answer to this too. Namely, rejecting your ads (by scanning your ads and landing pages) and, by extension, your entire ad account at some point. You always want to avoid that.

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Smoother Next Year

And believe me, that has also been secretly tested…Google has finally announced when they will be discontinuing Universal Analytics. This is the current Google Analytics version that has been around for many years. As of July 1, 2023, the Universal Analytics properties will no longer process new hits. Then no more data will enter this ‘old’ Google Analytics. So it is high time to start with the new version of Google Analytics 4 (GA4). This version will continue to run alongside Universal Analytics for the coming months. What are the consequences of this? And how long can you access your data in Universal Analytics? What is Google Analytics 4? Google Analytics 4, abbreviated GA4, is the new version of Google Analytics launched in October 2020.

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