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As restrictions lift, it’s still important for you to keep pace with changes in your audience’s online behavior and make sure you adjust your strategy to meet their new needs. This applies to business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing. The decision makers of businesses are consumers themselves, and a deep understanding of their challenges and new behavioral patterns will Chile Phone Number you to truly deliver valuable and memorable online experiences. Where can I find consumer behavior data? Consumer behavior data can be easily found from both internal (first-party data) and external data sources (second- and third-party data). The best place to start is your own first-party internal marketing data, which comes directly from your audience and customers. You know this data is high quality and highly relevant to your business.

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Platforms like Google Analytics that link directly to your website can provide rich behavioral data and audience insights. You can also pull data from other internally owned databases, such as customer relationship management (CMS) platforms. Behavior analysis The Audience and Behavior Reports section of Google Analytics provides a wealth of information about online users, allowing you to gain Chile Phone Number into audience demographics, their interests, and online behavior. You can use the reports in the Behavior section to answer the following questions: Is my audience engaging with the content I post? What actions are my viewers taking on my site and have behaviors changed since the lockdown? Is there a surge in the number of people browsing or buying a particular product? Now that the lockdown is easing, are my customers changing their online behavior?

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Behavioral Analysis Example Looking at Hallam’s own Google Analytics’ behavioral data. We saw a surge in visitors to our site during the pandemic, in the form of referral. Traffic from online learning platforms such as Coursera and University Online Courses. Behavioral Data – Referral Traffic Surge Data shows that marketing professionals use mandatory lockdowns for professional Chile Phone Number online universities are flagging learners as Hallam bloggers in their course references. We also learned that this is highly engaged traffic, consuming 26% more pages per session than average on our site. This referral traffic has boosted Hallam’s brand awareness as a trusted source. Marketing information in a way we couldn’t have predicted other than the pandemic. Of course, these learners can one day become our clients as they progress through the online marketing qualification journey.

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