Negotiation Tactics to Close Your Next Deal

Hello everyone! Whatever business you are in, negotiation and strategy are critical to your success. Managing expectations, skillfully Luxembourg Phone Number handling objections, and knowing when to walk away are some of the most important lessons you will learn. I was delighted to sit down with Steve Trang to discuss these topics . You may know Steve from Real Estate Disruptors, but he is also an expert agent, investor, trader and leader. He is going to share with us how he manages his business and what he learned as the leader of a very large brokerage firm.

Brokerage Owner Steve

Steve Trang wasn’t always in real estate. In fact, he was an engineer for many years before finding his true calling. Business has always been in his DNA . In 8th grade, he was the kid on the playground selling candy for profit. In the early 2000s, Steve and his buddies started buying rental properties. He spoke to an agent, who made it look easy and he dove in with both feet. He got his license and realized that the real estate business was not as easy as he thought. Then a light bulb went out. He wasn’t supposed to be an agent. He was supposed to be a business owner who sold real estate.

The Art of Negotiations

Luxembourg Phone Number List
Luxembourg Phone Number List

He started his own brokerage, mastered negotiation and leadership, and hasn’t looked back since. Steve lost a lot of knowledge on our call and I encourage you to adopt some of his strategies in your business as we enter the new year. The art of negotiations When looking for real estate, your greatest asset will be the ability to negotiate. With the market flooded with competitors, you will need to stand out and be able to stand out, while negotiating the best deals for yourself. To be frank, Steve and his team succeed by doing things better .

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