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Consider web-safe fonts Take a look at the example below (blurred logo and title change) from a high scoring site in PSI. The LCP (Main Title Text) is a few seconds apart from the FCP due to the requirement. JavaScript (indicat by the yellow band) be download, pars and executed before the text fades in. Fading of the text itself can also be an issue, causing delay display of the largest elements. JavaScript Italy Phone Number like this can instantly reduce the overall speedscore by 25% and should not be use. In any way to hinder or prevent the loading of the largest elements. Execute script when window loads JavaScript is rarely needed (and shouldn’t be required) to display important above-the-fold content, but a common problem we see is triggering functions once the DOM is ready. In the popular jQuery framework, this is done with the ‘ready’ event.

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Google Tag Manager can also trigger features or “tags” when ready. Consider triggering any JavaScript that is not need for the critical. Content display on the window load event after the main page content. Load to prevent any potential interference with the rendering of collaps content and LCP elements. Toggle LCP No matter how optimized and simplified an image is, it will almost always take Italy Phone Number to download and display than typographic elements. While it’s entirely possible to get a fast LCP score for an image, sometimes tweaking to reduce the largest image element to be smaller than the largest text element will mean that the text can be use for LCP. If the design allows it, this can have a big impact on the score, as shown in the example below, where the LCP has been switch to the text element.

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LCP switching element First Input Latency Optimization. Tips As we mentioned earlier, FID measures how responsive a page is to user input. It combines Time To Interactive TTI and Total Blocking Time TBT for 35% of the overall speed score. These metrics are primarily affe by scripts that are pars and execut when the page is loade. Blocking the main thread of the CPU and potentially affecting device responsiveness, especially on low-end smartphone devices. It is important to note that the “lab data” shown in the PSI does not directly measure the FID. This is due to the interactivity of user clicks or click measurements that are difficult to simulate.

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