National Taiwan University Hospital, she flew to Cambodia and served as the local top leader in the Depp Culture and Education Association

Enced a massacre during the Khmer Rouge (Note 1) 40 years ago. About 3 million people were killed across the country, and many people fled to the Thai-Cambodian border or left Cambodia. Become a refugee, and the establishment of “Phare The Cambodian Circus” (Phare The Cambodian Circus) allows street children who have lost their support to have a place to live, and learn a skill to become a professional performer. The surplus from the performance is invested in the “Fare Arts Academy” to help more children receive art education and become a force to heal the scars of history.


In Farr’s management team

There is a worker from Namibia Phone Number Taiwan who serves as .The special assistant and development manager of CEO. Huot Dara (Lin Guomin), assisting Farr. Which has a rich history of more than 20 years. To expand the market. She is Xu Qianwen.With a background in medical management. She has serv in international non-profit organizations and CCICED. And now she flew to Cambodia to invest in The field of art, and started her own. Influential career in the Farr social enterprise. “This is my happiest job.” Xu Qianwen, a cheerful and generous person. Said in an interview with Social Enterprise Stream. She is willing to take on challenges and undertakes many important tasks such as expand a new base in Phnom Penh. The capital of Cambodia, developing the Chinese-speaking market.And connecting various resources. Photo Credit: Xu Qianwen Taiwanese girl Xu Qianwen bravely entered Cambodia The experience of servi  abroad as a student opens up an interest in international development Xu Qianwen, an 8th grade student.Majored in medical management at Taipei Medical University and received training in medicine, business and management.


With the help of a senior student

Namibia Phone Number

After finishing her first job in National Taiwan University Hospital, she flew to Cambodia and served as the local top leader in the Depp Culture and Education Association, managing two programs of employment counseling and rural classrooms. Afterwards, Xu Qianwen returned to Taiwan to work in the International Cooperation and Development Foundation (CCICED) , and cooperated with Taipei Veterans General Hospital to train the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis (St. physicians and nurse practitioners in Latin America and the Caribbean). “I am very happy to work at CCICED, because my dream is to do international development.” This ambition sprung up when Xu Qianwen was a student. Xu Qianwen’s alma mater, Taipei Medical University, has a permanent residence in Swatini (formerly known as Swaziland). In the medical group, Xu Qianwen participated in the group twice during her studies, which opened her interest in international medical care and international development. Especially when she saw an AIDS drug advocacy unit in the local area, she respected the local attitude, created a pleasant environment, and advocated AIDS drugs. She sincerely admired and hoped that she would have the opportunity to invest in international development one day.

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