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Removing items that don’t offer the best value will help Google rank the good ones. Optimize your internal website search : When people search for a particular topic on your site, does the content you want them show up? In some cases, your internal search may provide incorrect content. Improve your domain authority : If your best content is indexed by Google, you may have a better chance of ranking for your keywords than if you have a lot of low-quality content covering the same content. Adapt your content strategy : If your business has readjusted its focus.

Already Did To Your Website

You may not want people to find content that is now considered off-brand. But is deleting your content the right thing to do? While these points are all good reasons to start a content audit on your website, there are a number of more effective ways to improve the value of your existing content. Here’s how! Improve your content! Even if you have Greece Number Data hundreds of pieces of content on your site that are no longer attracting the levels of traffic you want, they may have other factors at play. Content with backlinks or social shares is still valuable, helping to generate positive brand signals. In some cases, deleting this content can cause your rankings to drop.

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Dentifying The Top Ranking

If old content is no longer attracting traffic, we recommend upgrading (or in some cases reusing) it instead of deleting it from your website. By doing so, you don’t risk losing link equity or your position in the SERPs . There are several¬†CW Leads¬†things you can do to get your content to get the traffic you want, for example: Test A / B Upgrading your existing content doesn’t necessarily mean you have to start from scratch. Doing some simple A/B text can help you determine if your content will drive traffic to your website. Before you start experimenting with different title tags, it’s important to make sure your content is up to date.

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