My 6 Biggest Mindset Shifts to Take a Business

What’s up everyone! I’m really excited for this episode of the podcast as we wrap up our mindset series. For 2 months, we have been focusing on mentality changes, with a different topic each week. Today I want to share with you how I was Lebanon Phone Number able to grow Carrot, highlighting some of the lessons I learned and the challenges I faced in scaling the business. Our studio sessions have received great feedback. I think sharing behind-the-scenes information about the inner workings of our business as well as some of the insights provided in our Truck Talks can be a tremendous asset to any investor or entrepreneur!

Biggest Mindset Shift

Growing and scaling a business can be a challenge. Just when you think you have it figured out, something will happen to make you question your processes, your people, and even your purpose. Magic happens when something Lebanon Phone Number unexpected happens, and you are able to learn and grow from that. In this podcast, I got to sit down with Brady to discuss the mindset shifts we’ve made as well as other shifts I’ve had to make along the way. Alex Char fen created the Billionaire Code to help businesses that feel stuck and overwhelmed. To evolve, they need a strategic plan.

Growing Carrots

Lebanon Phone Number List
Lebanon Phone Number List

Scaling has been one of my biggest challenges personally. Alex has a great tool that breaks down where you are in your business. When you do 0-40, you are a seeker. A starter makes 40-100k, a promoter 100-300k, and so on from there. When you start you are not yet a real entrepreneur, you are someone who works hard to Lebanon Phone Number build something, but in reality you are still doing all the work and have more of a glorified job. As your business grows, there will likely be times when you feel stuck and not sure how to proceed. It’s important to have market and avatar clarity so you know who you’ll be serving and what unique assets you’ll be able to offer.

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