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To make the lockdown seem to go faster, a number of us are turning to hobbies that we may not have had time to do before. Gym equipment, for example, is just one commodity many of us are trying to get our hands on and our Facebook and Instagram feeds are certainly full of at-home workouts to keep our minds busy during this time madness. As such, you can use these “trends” to your advantage and find new ways to market your product or service in the current circumstances.

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Giving back to key workers In light of everything going on right now, a number of brands are choosing to give back to key workers during this difficult time by offering a discount to those on the front lines. Along with being able to claim Belgium Number Data some kind of ad space, this initiative is a great way to give back to those who work endless hours to help those affected by the coronavirus. Ecommerce and Pinterest When it comes to social media advertising, many of us forget about Pinterest, thinking its time as a popular social media channel is over – but it’s not.

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With over 335 million people logging into the platform each month and more people likely to sign up for the app to help them pass the time by creating mood boards, the best time is now. To announce the products available for delivery. Start highlighting the positives There’s a lot of negative and false information floating around the CW Leads internet right now, so the best way to get your brand through this tough time is to highlight the positives and not focus on the negatives or the coronavirus itself, which continues to saturate our news feeds. From a paid social standpoint, making sure your customers know your business is still in business can be a sign of hope, so if you can, promote it subtly in people’s feeds! Advertising to a target audience is equally important Despite the pandemic.

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