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Your customers will appreciate it more than ever. Connect with your customers via social media during the next lockdown final thoughts. There’s a lot of information to get out there, so to summarize, here’s a checklist of Poland Phone Number communication practices for you and your business to consider during this lockdown: Keep your website up to date with the latest COVID-19 information and make sure it’s easily found in a prominent location Make sure all your points of information, like Google My Business and social media profiles, are similar to what’s on your website Make sure messaging is simple and understandable – avoid information overload (ironically, given the length of this article.

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Stay connected with your audience using social media and email marketing Go beyond yourself and help Humanize your brand and express individuality Share and endorse user-generated content Drop the hard sell – there is a time and place Poland Phone Number to your customers, understand their emotions, and adjust your message accordingly be optimistic Businesses across the UK will find themselves in one of two ships. Some are deem essential and will remain open. Others won’t and will close. Regardless, those who use digital communications effectively will stand out during Lockdown 2. If you think Hallam’s team can help you with your communication strategy, please feel free to drop us a line.

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We are happy to hear from you! SEO terms are thrown around like no one, but how can you keep up with all this jargon? Don’t worry…we’ve got a comprehensive AZ SEO glossary for you. Using all these common SEO terms, you’ll have SEO chat in the office in no time! ABC DEFGHIKLMNOPQRSTUVW A sort of Algorithms – Formulas that computers use to manipulate and display information. Search Poland Phone Number use algorithms to construct search engine results. Read more: May 2020 Core Update Alt Tag – A textual description of the image displayed by the web browser when the mouse hovers over the image. An Alt Tag is a piece of HTML code that allows search engines and visually impaired people to better understand images. All images on your website should have meaningful and keyword-optimized ALT tags.

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