Magical Negotiation Phrases That Will Make

I challenge you to find someone who gives more to this industry than Pace Morby. His energy, enthusiasm and willingness to learn Denmark Phone Number from every transaction helped propel his career as an investor in a highly competitive market. In Part 3 of our negotiation series, I sat down with Pace to talk about how he connects with clients to win more deals, even when he’s not paying the highest price. You’ll learn what to say, what to ask, and how to demonstrate credibility even if you’ve never closed a single transaction.

Magic Wand

When negotiating with a salesperson, before giving out your number, ask them what their number is. If they say they don’t know, have them pretend to have a magic wand. So what would the scenario look like for them? This way, you’ll get them to open up, learn their motivations, and how much they expect to make from the sale. Now that you’ve given them the power to create any scenario, they’re more willing to give you the number that will get them to sell. It’s a phrase Pace uses in almost every call or meeting he has.

Talk About Craigslist

Denmark Phone Number List
Denmark Phone Number List

When you sit down to discuss a property, ask the seller to “bring you up to speed”. This is an open-ended question, which doesn’t sound too commercial. If they’re not sure what you mean, you can ask them how long they’ve owned the house, what they like about owning and what they don’t like. in owning the property. Asking this question immediately addresses the elephant in the room if the seller hasn’t already told you that they work with other buyers. If you don’t discuss it from the start, you’ll be dealing with a silent enemy all the time. Plus, it will encourage the seller to be honest with you from the start. The rhythm goes into every transaction with the desire to learn something from the seller.

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