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The real estate market this year has been strong, with great interest in housing in all regions of the country. A strengthening economy Australia Phone Number and a shift in demographics are fueling this growth — and millennials reaching their peak home-buying years have led to increased demand for homes nationwide. However, there is another major trend in today’s market: housing stock is at an all-time low. Simply put, there is not enough housing for everyone, housing prices are skyrocketing and competition is fierce. Low mortgage rates combined with an increase in work-from-home opportunities due to the pandemic have fueled increased demand for suburban homes – and buyers are snapping up these properties quickly as they hit the market.

Real Estate Market

Today, there are approximately 3 million active real estate agents – to put that into perspective, that’s one real estate agent for every 121 people in the United States . There is a shortage of housing inventory – 42% fewer homes are for sale now than they were before Covid. Listings of new homes for sale are down 17% from the pre-Covid period. 6.5 million homes sold in 2020, i.e. only 2 opportunities per real estate agent per year. These numbers are, of course, offset by the vagueness of the definition of “asset”, as well as the fact that some real estate agents help sell homes, while many only focus on buyers or simply have an asset, but unused, License.

The Carrot Solution

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Additionally, we could potentially see over a million evictions in the coming months. While empowering millions of people to move into housing. This is powered by: The end of the mortgage moratorium. The death of President Biden’s first home purchase credit. This first down payment tax credit “will help families offset the costs of buying a home and help millions of families settle in for the first time,” according to President Biden’s campaign website. What does this mean for real estate agents today? This means that every lead and every listing counts and successful real estate agents are the ones who market, generate leads, follow up and build a top notch reputation in the area(s) they operate in.

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