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The Harvard Business Review documents how Supor , China’s largest cookware maker, developed very specific operating guidelines and procedures for its employees, conducted health checks for employees and their families from the early stages of the outbreak, and procured preventive equipment. Fully prepared for the timely resumption of work. Back in the UK, Costa is another Spain Phone Number that implements effective practices, garnering rave reviews not only from colleagues but from clients as well. Businesses that have a soul and put health and well-being first will thrive in their communities. Costa Coffee: Reputation Management Keep your communication clear and concise If you plan to reopen, outline how, when, and how to proactively make your facility as safe as possible.

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If you changed your hours on Google My Business , or your website and social media properties before lockdown , be sure to change them to avoid unnecessary confusion. Google My Business example Response: Get ready to adapt As part of the new normal, your customers have new priorities that you need to pay attention to. Here are a few things your clients will want to consider : Work-from-home Spain Phone Number even though lockdowns have eased, many will remain at home for a long time) return to work-lifestyle Family Fun and Social Skills Healthcare, hygiene and wellness (especially when it comes to mental health, data shows that four in five adults are concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on their lives) Reduce luxury and non-essential spending key workers in the UK Ask yourself this question.

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Can any of your response campaigns be tailored around this? Netflix has launched Party , which lets people watch movies and boxes together virtually. A number of businesses including Dyson. New Balance and Jaguar Land Rover have adapted their business models to support the. NH while a number of agencies in the UK have launched Psychology. The Wellness Initiative supports colleagues, clients Spain Phone Number their communities during Mental Health Awareness Week at the end of May. In Haarlem, we announced the appointment of four trained mental health first responders to support our colleagues during this pandemic. Netflix options Now, maybe, it’s your career time. This is your chance to get creative with your branding and cut through. The clutter and noise to make a positive and lasting impression . Think about how you will communicate these changes to your customers.

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