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We invite you to continue reading this content and check in the next lines what marketing okr is and practical examples to inspire and implement in your company. What is marketing okr? Okr is the acronym for objectives and key results – in portuguese. Objectives and key results. It is a methodology that allows you to define in a simple. Clear and direct way the objectives you want to achieve and the path that must be followed for this to happen. In the case of marketing okr. The focus is on objectives and key results that will favor the company’s image.

The dissemination of its Board Members Email List products and services. Presence in the digital environment. The generation of more leads and the relationship with the public- target. How does marketing okr work in practice? The okr methodology works as follows. First. The broader and more ambitious goals that the company wants to achieve are defined. Then the key results are established. In other words. They are smaller goals. Small steps that serve as a parameter to lead the team to conquer the main objective. Key results are the goals you must achieve by performing each task necessary to achieve the main objective.

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For example: an office supply distribution company wants to increase entry into new territory. Gaining customers in a state where it did not operate. Your objective could be: to gain 35% market share in this new market by the end of the year . Now. The tasks you need to perform to achieve this are: make a distribution center operational in this new state in 3 months; send an introductory mailing to 500 companies in that state by the end of the month; carry out visits to 100 companies in 2 months; invest an amount x in local media and in specialized magazines throughout the year. So.

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As your key results gradually materialize. Automatically your objective is being accomplished. But when to track these results? Ideally. Follow the results weekly and make adjustments if necessary. Also. When one of the tasks is finished. It must be replaced by another one. For example. After the distribution center is ready. New key results can be stipulated for it. Such as achieving a late delivery rate of only 5% in 3 months. Having a maximum inventory loss rate of 3% until the end of the semester etc. To better understand this dynamic.

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Check out the following topic for some more examples of marketing okrs. Also read: what is okr for sales? What are the benefits? + 4 examples have you thought about how you are going to track your goals and key results? Undoubtedly. Technology is very important at this time. Only then will you have up-to-date. Reliable and easy-to-share data. In the case of marketing and sales. A crm system is perfect for this. Here’s how to use this functionality in practice: 5 examples of okr marketing to use in your business if you’re interested in discovering how to set goals.

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