Local SEO strategies in Google My Business

Today no one doubts that local SEO is very important in a Digital Marketing strategy, since it is the best way for users to find a business with a physical location on the internet. We recently talked in this blog about Google My Business and how it can improve the visibility of a local business, but we did not go into depth in certain aspects of the Google business directory that are very important. In this article we will review the ways that a company has to know what the customer experience is like in its business , thanks to the contributions of these in the Google My Business files.


Index of contents Questions and answers

A few years ago, Google Nepal Phone Number added an option to the Knowledge Panel in search results where users can leave questions for a business on their Google My Business listing. The answers can be answere by the business owns the listing. but they can also be answer by other users who  already  a relationship with. The business and know the answer. Questions and answers GMB Local SEO In this way. A user who is looking for a restaurant. For example. And has never been there. Can ask data relat to the service such as the type of food. Food for celiacs or other questions that may make going to. The business more appealing. Improve Local SEO using Q&A Everything counts .When it comes to improving Local SEO . And using this Google My Business tool is an opportunity to do so. How? Well , with a bit of common sense : Adding the questions that are usually ask. About the business. This way, users will be able to find answers to the most common questions.


Responding to user questions 

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if possible as soon as possible. Users value being taken into account. Ratifying the response provided by a user with a “like”. In this way the business confirms that the answer is correct and drawing attention to it, increasing confidence in the business. Answers are always moderated by the Google My business team, but that doesn’t mean malicious people may give wrong or unhelpful answers. In this sense, a periodic review of the Q&A is recommended to control this contingency. Reviews Reviews on Google My Business are one of the most important ranking factors for a local business. A review is an opinion that the user leaves on GMB because they have purchased a product or service from the business in question. Reviews on Google My Business rate businesses on a star system , with a minimum of one star for the worst reviews and a maximum of five.

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